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Speak Life Podcast

This podcast takes an unconventional, corrective and spiritual approach to understanding faith, salvation and life.

A podcast is a digital pre-recorded, produced and hosted online that you can listen to whenever you want. Some shows are done live but most are not. When it started in ministry almost 15 years ago, you had to be a technically savvy to be a part of it. It was made for portable media players, wherein Apples’ iPod had an advantage. It has gone mainstream now and traditional radio personalities, businesses, and media also provide “podcast” to reach audiences on their terms. You don’t need to have an iPhone today. This medium is made to be niche.

Unlike radio that broadcasts its news, music, and messages over a radio frequency, podcast are created with you in mind. You subscribe to a show and listen to it on your computer, car, or through an app on your smart phone.

This is a ministry that helps people. It is non-denominational. It is trying to be true to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, using modern means, cell phones, hangouts, social media, websites and virtual conferences to fulfill the Great Commission.

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