10 Things to Do When You Blow Out Your Knee

One day I felt super excited about life, getting ready to embark on an outdoor writers’ event that promised driving fast trucks on off-road trails, shooting at a world class clays range, fishing with bass pro anglers and more fishing with fly-rods in a pristine world-class stream. The next day, I found myself back at home, sitting in a chair with crutches by my side and ice wrapped around my knee. A torn meniscus did me in, while at the reception at the aforementioned event, and waylaid me so that I couldn’t hobble around in the outdoors with a throbbing knee and frankly, now sour attitude. So, what can I do while I’m out of commission – along with deadlines and work that I’m committed to doing? Here’s my list and 10 suggestions to do when you blow out your knee, or something else.

10 Things to Do When You Blow Out Your Knee

  1. Order a fresh devotional book or find one that you like to read in your own library, and put your Bible on the table next to you. You know what to do next. I’m re-reading this one: God Always has a Plan B.  Seems appropriate. Cross reference the devotions to Bible passages.
  2. Read a book, or 5. I’m currently working through Band of Brothers ( a book I’ve always wanted to read), Among the Reeds (how a Polish family survived the Holocaust), Portraits of Courage (George W. Bush’s paintings of wounded warriors) and Meditation for Beginners.
  3. Pick up your laptop and sort through email inboxes, create files, discard, delete.
  4. Do the same to your photos on your phone and computer. Time for new files and deletions. Get everything backed up into the cloud or on a separate hard drive.
  5. Call people you haven’t chatted with for a while. Touch base with older family members. Concentrate on their lives, not your current, laid-up position.
  6. Drink a lot of water. Now is the time to start eating clean. You don’t need any extra empty calories.
  7. Clean out drawers. And organize. Read The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, by Marie Kondō. She stresses touching everything you will organize. This helps you to associate with each item and to decide whether it really has meaning in your life.
  8. Do you meditate? This is a great time to start or improve.
  9. Listen to podcasts. Catch up on your favorites. Of course, one of my favs is the “Speak Life” podcast.
  10. Take a class. Craftsy and Skillshare are 2 websites I love for this reason — opportunities to learn something new, under the tutelage of pros and people who know. Just ask my family about my chicken fried rice from a previous class with Grace Young, the “Stir-Fry Guru”; it’s amazing.

blow out your knee exercise womanIf you have more suggestions, please share them here.

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