Welcome to the Speak Life Church site, new home of the Speak Life Podcast, blog, and our live interactive pages where you can chat, watch, learn, share, and be a part of this church wherever you can get a signal.  Check here for updates, if you are not on the mailing list.  The Lord has plans for this thing!

Recognizing the influence of tech and mobile computing (cell phone/computer) the Lord has called me to provide a way to feed your Spirit.

I’m Rev. Kenn Blanchard the virtual pastor, host and janitor of this thing.  When you need me, I am here.  If you need me to come to you, we can make that happen too.  Weddings, funerals, baptisms, baby dedications, house blessings, and just plain fellowship.  I plan to add bible study, kids church, prayer and everything I can to help you grow in grace, love and knowledge of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

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I love weddings.  I have performed over 15 of them mostly outside of a conventional setting.  We’ve been on sailboats, beaches, museums, parks, a cruise ship and a number of memorable places.   I am an ordained Christian pastor, licensed to officiate Christian weddings in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia, and everywhere that accepts my authority or license from those three entities.wedding

I provide traditional marriage ceremonies anywhere (destinations, homes, backyards, boats, islands, etc) but I believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.

Marriage has been thought a lot of changes over the years, and during that time it’s never been as simple as “one man, one woman.” Marriage is a constantly shifting, evolving institution, and over the last few thousand years it’s seen radical changes to the roles of women, ages of the participants, inclusion of different ethnicities, rules about violence and property, and even whether the spouses could expect to love each other.

weddingBut there’s one quality that’s always stayed the same: marriage has always been an agreement between people. So when societies change, and the people in those societies change, their marriages change along with them.

Usually that’s a good thing. For example, as civil rights for women and people of color expanded, the rules of marriage became more egalitarian and fair. Now, the rules are changing again to accommodate same-sex couples. And just as conservatives predicted in the 1920s that marrying for love would destroy the institution, and racists of the 1960s argued that interracial marriages violated their religious freedom, anti-gay activists of today are using familiar arguments.

I understand that times have changed. I also believe that marriage is Holy. It was created by God, between one man and one woman. It was used as an illustration of His relationship to the Church in Scriptures. I believe His view of marriage hasn’t changed, so I respectfully decline to officiate for same sex couples although legal in some places. It would violate my moral and religious beliefs.wedding

If you would like to speak to me and/or schedule a consultation for your traditional Christian wedding, please call or email me today.


And I along with my wife provide marital counseling prior to the wedding.


Speak Life is striving to be a continuation of the ministry of the Apostle Paul using technology. Church and fellowship is not about the building you are, it is about learning and growing closer to Jesus. It is about building friendships and a community. Through the website, podcasting, video, live streaming and social media, people can be reached that do not feel at home in a traditional church.

Mission Statement

Restore and strengthen the family, provide hope for those in need and offer a non-traditional place of worship, using technology to be anywhere. All are welcome including those still searching for what they believe in.

Rev. Kenn Blanchard is a Marine and former Federal Agent with the CIA. Rev. Blanchard formerly pastored Historic Berean Baptist church in Washington DC for seven years where he was both ordained and called to pastor. He also operates and hosts a number of different weekly podcasts connecting with many different groups from all walks of life in the process. The Speak Life Church and its bi-weekly podcast, are the realization of what Rev. Blanchard professed as his calling in 2000.Pastor Kenn Blanchard at Historic Berean Baptist Church

It is not all about technology. Phone calls, personal visits and meet ups are also a huge part of fellowship and are an even larger part of the roadmap for the church.

Rev. Blanchard works with veterans (both active and separated), bikers, outdoorsmen, law enforcement, security personnel as well as plenty of folks that do not fall into any of those professions. Currently, Rev. Blanchard also officiates weddings, funerals and provides pastoral service nationally to the individuals, couples and families unaffiliated with a local church. The Lord has called him to provide a way to feed the Spirit, find the hurting, teach and reach people online.

Although Speak Life has just been formalized, it has operating for several years now, helping to prevent five suicides, saved countless marriages, organize several fundraisers, got a service dog for vision challenged individual, saved the home of a terminally ill veteran, provided some fishing trips and ministry to a senior citizen with cancer and officiated at eight weddings. Now, there is so much more to do.

Pastor Kenn and Marine retiree Keith English

Financial support is greatly appreciated. Funds are used entirely for this mission, and will ultimately support the planned mobile office. The “church” will operate at rallies, parking lots, conventions, and where needed. Speak Life Church is a IRS 501 (c)3 recognized religious charity, incorporated in the State of Maryland in 2018.


Rev. Kenn Blanchard
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Post Office Box 2
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